I prayed and prayed for a child to adopt.
My prayers went unheard, for God answered not.
I prayed for my husband’s health to return,
But God kept his silence, and I was spurned.

When God doesn’t answer, what is the cause?
Have I sinned too much? Have I reason to pause?
Must we each take our turn in a long, long line,
Before we earn the right to address the divine?

Or could it be that God has answered our prayers?
Could it be that the answer is not when or where,
But instead “not now” or “ that isn’t my plan?”
Could it be that the purpose isn’t known to man?

God must consider the whole of mankind,
Not just this insignificant world of mine.
What is good for me, might be bad for another.
So when I pray, I must consider my brother.

When I pray to God, I must be ready to listen.
Is a rock not gold, because it doesn’t glisten?
Our father is not there to grant our every wish.
He is there for our comfort. We haven’t been missed.
by Linda L. Rigsbee
Poems & Quotes by Linda L. Rigsbee
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