Love is a lot like a summer storm
That grows in an atmosphere bright and warm.
It builds to a peak almost undetected
To engulf us when it's least expected.

Its strength is awesome; it's beauty splendid.
On our lonesome souls it has descended.
To its will we must bend. We have no choice.
It grips us and whips us 'til we have no voice.

What once was beauty is now stifling instead.
Shades of gray have become green and red.
Tenderness and anger ebb back and forth
From whispers of love, to angry retorts.

Yet in its wake, midst the damage we find
Something is budding in what's left behind.
Roots planted firmly, strong limbs reach out.
We have learned what love is really about.

In the distance, thunder still rumbles.
It's just a reminder that we all stumble.
Between the storms, we make the most
Close together, or from coast to coast.
by Linda L. Rigsbee
Poems & Quotes by Linda L. Rigsbee
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