Deep in the hollow, where I'm forbidden,
I know of a spring that's almost hidden.
It sneaks from its den and tempts me slyly.
It calls to me, and it's so beguiling!

It runs to me and then briefly lingers,
To clutch at my feet with icy fingers!
It swirls all around and makes little O's
That tickle my feet and shrivel my toes.

It shines and twinkles, my image it mocks,
Then seeps away into slimy green rocks.
I creep past the spot where the black snakes lay,
And note the nest of a bright blue jay.

I hear its laughter at the pond ahead.
Not shy any longer, it's bold now instead.
It leaps from the top of a rocky ledge,
Enters the pond, and then laps at the edge.

It's journey now over, it slowly forms
Strange little shapes in the mud as it warms.
A tear on my cheek, I utter a sigh.
As I turn, it waves a lazy goodbye.
by Linda L. Rigsbee
Poems & Quotes by Linda L. Rigsbee
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