When our marriage was new and strange,
I used to fret and bawl.
It seemed that I had married a man
Who had no romance atall!

I reckoned it was love at first sight,
Then came honeymoon and all.
But how could I fall in love with a
Man who had no romance atall?

Like, when I’d ask him if he loved me,
He’d just throw up a wall.
‘Cause men don’t show their feelings, you know
A man’s got no romance atall.

Still, he was there to pick me up
When I’d stumble and fall.
Was this the self-same feller that I
Thought had no romance atall?

Years have mellowed us both, I think, ‘cause
Now I think he’s a doll.
I guess what I once thought was romance
Just wasn’t romance atall.
by Linda L. Rigsbee
Poems & Quotes by Linda L. Rigsbee
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