I saw my mother with the innocence of infancy.
The sound of her voice soothed my fussing.
For me, she was the sustenance of life.
Without her, I could do nothing.

I saw my mother with the adoration of a child.
She taught me to sew and do many things.
About any subject, she had all the facts.
With her, I could do anything.

I saw my mother with the distrust of a teen.
I found exception to all she could say.
I questioned her motives and wisdom.
I thought she stood in my way.

I saw my mother with the questions of a parent.
Solitude and peace were things of bygone.
In my fruitless search for all the answers,
My mother had become my icon.

I see my mother with the wisdom of a grandparent.
Her body has grown frail, her spirit stronger.
I cherish our memories and yearn for tomorrows.
Those, I’ve learned not to squander.
by Linda L. Rigsbee
Poems & Quotes by Linda L. Rigsbee
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