"You're welcome," he prompted to the top of her head.
Her face turned scarlet, "Oh, thank you," she said.
She seems so thoughtless, He privately he mused.
Silently she thought, why must he be so rude?

If the thought is what counts, they both missed their mark,
A thank you requested is like a dog's bark.
It grates on the nerves - it's an insult dealt.
No lessons were taught, no gratitude felt.

So back up the clock, let's try it again
In a selfless manner, with intent to mend.
She must be preoccupied. He walks away smiling.
"Oh sir," she calls, "Thank you for trying."

Is a thank you the payment we request for a favor?
Without those words, does our good deed lose flavor?
A dutiful "thank you" can be merely two words,
Or it can be gratitude, heartfelt and heard.
by Linda L. Rigsbee
Poems & Quotes by Linda L. Rigsbee
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